Ben Smith

A focused and ambitious designer with over 9 years of industry experience shared between visual design and front-end development. Born and raised in Australia and currently living in London, England. For more information, here's the CV.



Oslo Opera
This shot is.. pretty descent.
Mush of a muchness.
Bird's eye view.
London life through a camera obscura.
The Windmill Watcher.
Cornwall. Where the pasties are plentiful and the beaches are beautiful.
This guy was hiding behind my bedroom curtains. Whoever hid him there owes me a new pair of pants.
Light beer.
Pretty shit. And that's how you.. diss a pier.


The BS Internet Empire

I find it strangely satisfying whenever I’m able to register bensomething as a username. Here’s a list of places where I’ve managed to do just that. This serves no purpose. I use maybe three of these.



This website’s content is managed by Craft CMS, version controlled on GitHub, and deployed to a DigitalOcean droplet via Buddy.works.

Sublime Text is my code editor of choice. Local development is done with Valet and a basic Gulp process, now involving a customised Tailwind CSS configuration.

If you find something out of the ordinary, please let me know. All content is copyright to me, Ben Smith, unless otherwise noted.