More Margie

More Margie is a design, travel and food publication unearthing new and intriguing places, buildings, objects and people in the diverse Asia Pacific region.”

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State of the Art

Craft CMS was used for this project due to its extreme ease-of-use, and the fact that Margie would be able to easily tailor her posts depending on the content she had on hand. Different content blocks and entry types were created so she could create something as simple as a short article, something more advanced like a interview with galleries, or a video post.


Website Design, Front-end Development, Craft CMS Implementation




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For the People

Margie was able to quickly learn the ins and outs of her new CMS, and it wasn’t long before the content was flowing. Margie has since put the website on hiatus while she focuses on some other endeavours. A number of additions to the website are planned for when it kicks back into gear. These includes more interactive elements and guest entries. Craft allows for these extra things to be added quite easily.


Creative Direction by Designfront / Photography by various contributors