Designfront is a Brisbane-based visual communication consultancy specialising in branding, literature and design for the web. Established in 2000, we aim to work with engaging clients who value the creative process of building and communicating strategic brand identity that drives growth for their business.”


Front & Centre

As well as an updated website, Designfront also needed a better way to manage their proposals and design discovery documents. This was set up within the Craft install and allows for documents to only be viewed by the user account specifically related to the entry. Discovery documents can be revisited by clients and updated as they please, with a new revision being saved each time.


Front-end Development, Craft CMS Implementation


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Side Project

Side Gallery

Designfront required a simple website to showcase the artworks and artists that would be displaying their work in the small gallery found off the main studio — the Side Gallery. Housed in a converted carport, the small space has regular exhibitions for local and national artists.

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