Design Speaks

Stimulating talks, seminars, forums and conferences on and about architecture and design, for design professionals and their clients and interested members of the wider community.” 

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Speak of the Devil

After the success of their Asia Pacific Architecture Forum project, Architecture Media approached us once again to work on their event website, Design Speaks. This site aggregates all of the events Architecture Media and their partners are involved with, including monthly workshops, something something, and the yearly Asia Pacific Architecture Forum. The existing website served a very basic function, a one-page resting place for invitation and program PDFs. Design Speaks required a website that would enable them to showcase their events on a more flexible platform.


Website Design, Front-end Development, Craft CMS Implementation




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By Design

We once again used out trusty friend Craft CMS as the client was now familiar with its functionality and how it handles content. Considered custom field layouts allowed for a little bit of information to be added, or a lot. Event pages automatically adapted to the content provided, whether that be a full program our just a simple list of speakers. The ability to add and edit speaker and partner content inline made it super simple to associate them with their corresponding events.


The next update of the APAF and Design Speaks sites will be combining them into one Craft 3 multi-site install. Due to the number of events, speakers and partners that are shared between the two, this seemed like a perfect use-case for the new functionality.


Freedom of Speech

The new Design Speaks website is currently being used daily by a number and Architecture Media employees and contributors. The ability to easily add users to different user groups with fine-tuned permissions means the editing process is simplified for all involved.


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